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Now scheduling pitching, hitting, and player clinics.   Make sure you schedule a clinic for next winter's off season before the weekend dates are gone.
Contact:  johngay@softballclinics.com  H-360-892-7743 C-360-521-7763

It's nice to be settling into our new home. I am in the process of organizing clinics around the country. I have changed the format to having 10 beginning or advanced students for the weekend instead of the 30. I will have more in Vancouver because I am blessed with many like minded people that are willing to help.

Sign up for a clinic in your area HERE. I am still looking for people to help organize them in areas that I haven't visited before. Let me know if you want to step forward and I will help you get one going.

Sign up and download the waiver for the clinic next fall HERE

I made a password protected location on my website for the local girls to register and see the results of their progress from the lessons I am giving them now. http://softballclinics.com/pitching

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John Gay
17707 NE 110th Ave
Battle Ground, WA

H 360-892-7743
C 360-521-7763

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