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1. Have you selected the right glove for the job?

2. Are you warming up properly, and timing the warm up to finish so you won't be cold at game time?

3. After the warm up are you dressing to stay warm until you go into the game?

4. Have you spent some time throwing overhand after warming up to prepare for the game?

5. Is the ball in only one hand when making contact with the rubber?

6. Are the feet positioned properly in relation to the rubber and properly positioned for a quick start?

7. Is the signal taken while on the rubber with everyone ready to play and with the hands separated?

8. Is the grip assumed in the glove and not in the open or on the hip?

9. Is there a presentation of the ball of 1 second and not more than 10 seconds?

10. Is there good recoil to generate an explosive start?

11. Is the body momentum going toward the target before the arm starts its circle forward?

12. Is there an explosive start getting the maximum leverage out of the legs?

13. Does the stride foot step toward the plate?

14. Does the pivot foot stay in contact with the ground until the stride foot lands?

15. Is the body turning open to the plate with the stride so the arm will have a free movement over the top?

16. Does the head float when the shoulders rotate?

17. Is the glove being used for leverage?

18. Is the arm circle going in a straight line with the vertical plane of the plate?

19. Is there good relaxed arm extension going over the head?

20. Is the arm relaxed so it can assume a natural position with the elbow close to the leading side of the circle as the arm comes down from the top until it passes the hip?

21. Is there a fast, flexible, and unforced arm motion?

22. Is there a smooth circle, progressively getting faster, and not jerking at the end?

23. Is there a solid platform when the stride foot lands so the arm can whip around like a catapult?

  • a. Should not be bending the stride leg at release.
  • b. Should not bend at the waist or stoop shoulders at release.

24. Is the stride knee slightly bent for a crisp and sharp landing?

25. Is the pitcher standing upright and in line with the stride leg, with the center of gravity and momentum is over the legs so the arm will be close to the leg when the ball is released?

26. Are the knees coming together to assure an upright and stronger posture?

27. Is the ball being blasted instead of being aimed?

28. Is the forearm, not the wrist, brushing the hip?

29. Does the forearm brush the front of the hip and not at the side or behind the hip?

30. Is the upper arm following through when the ball is released?

31. Is the ball shoulder, if used for more leverage, driving forward at the proper time?

32. Is there an unforced and natural follow-through of the arm after the ball is released?

33. Is the pitcher assuming a fielding position?

34. Is there an awareness of the possibility of a hit ball?

35.Is an undershirt being worn in cooler weather and a jacket being worn during offense to keep the body heat in?

36. Is there a good cooling down procedure after the game and workout?

37. Is there some consideration given to the next game? Fuel, rest, enough time to ice down (yes/no), eliminate body heat, etc?