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You will be receiving the Video Creator free with the first upgrade. The future upgrades will be conciderably more and the package I will giving you can be worth over $200.00 in free software and other valuable products. As an upgraded member you will receive all future upgrades and bonus material.
You will be able to give an opinion on the give away items from 26 pages of products I sell online with a total value of over $200,000.00. The $200.00 value of what you are receiving is not counting the drills package.

Lock in your upgrade cost of $19.95 and you will receive every bonus give away package offered to people that get on board after the introductory upgrade price is no longer in effect..

Upgrade now for $19.95. Upgrades will increase in price as the product upgrades increases in value. Lock in your lifetime upgrade cost now.
This collection of drills is now and will be among the best I have seen. I am am giving this introductory package away because I know you will be wanting more of the same.

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This is an example of the drills that come with the upgrade. For $19.95 you will get these drills with an explination and slow motion examples when necessary. Plus you will have at your fingertips a ton of helpful insights, articles, and guidelines to help you be a more productive coach.
If you are tired of paying for programs here is a free unzip program. I use Stuffit but I have used this and it works just fine.
You can click here to access the sample drills, skills, and helpful material. Burn the files and folders onto a CD and the cd will auto load. If you access it on the hard drive I have included an icon at c:\yourfoldername/images/drills.ico.
Click here for instructions for burning the files on a CD without a CD burner.
Handouts on my site
  1. Pitching Mechanics Check List
  2. Pitch Back Plans
  3. String Target (Home made)
  4. Hand Out (Full Page) for pitchers
  5. Hand Out (Booklet) for pitchers
In The Zip File
  1. Pitching 101
  2. Rise Ball Grips
  3. Drop Ball Grips
  4. Change Up Grips
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After you upgrade you will receive a 26 page list of programs and items not related to softball that you can select and receive 3 products from in this upgrade giveaway. For every promotion, after you lock in your upgrade, you will recieve all promotional giveaway products.

Be patient, I am still working on the site but I can send you the download link after you purchase your upgrade..
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There will be plenty of giveaway programs including ones not related to softball/baseball. The drills should help you through your softball summer and winter. After you upgrade I will send you your user name and a password to get into the download area.

There will be a fee for the updates and included in the updates are some powerful software programs for your personal use.  One of the first ones I give is a program I sell to businesses for $97.00.  I use it to demonstrate how I maneuver around on my computer.  I will show you in a video how to make a desk top icon to access the drills you opened.  The same program displays the moves on your computer of how to burn the files onto a CD (without a CD burning program) so you will have an auto boot CD of the drills to hand out to your player or coach.

You will receive the drills package updates for life (probably mine) and the price will go up after the introductory offer.  Get locked into your lifetime upgrade cost before the price increases in relation to the value of the upgrades.

I have put together an upgrade ad page that shows the newer version of the drills.  You can compare them to the drills you are receiving.  Compare the newer drill version in the ad to the same drill before the first upgrade by clicking here.

You will be receiving:
Updated versions of the drills.
More drills added constantly.
More insightful information added.
Base ball field added to Field Layout.
Powerful programs for business or home
Personal development tools.

The upgrade price for this introductory offer is $19.95 and the normal price after that will be $39.95.  Save $10.00 by ordering now.  The upgrades will be password and IP address protected.  It will only be able to be downloaded to one computer without special permission.