(Team Name) Player Progress Report December 19, 1994


Positions: LF, CF, 1B


Good: You have improved allot this year. If you continue to work hard your softball future is bright. You have been blessed with excellent size and strength. You are one of the fastest runners on the team. Your effort at practice has been noticed by your coaches and teammates. Offensively you have very good bat speed. Well liked by your teammates. Your a valuable addition to this team.

Bad: You need to continue to improve your throwing mechanics. You need to be more confident in yourself. Your a good softball player; your coaches know this, your teammates know this, (Player Name) mdoesn't know this yet. Defensively you need to be more aggressive fielding the ball. Offensively you need to get your hip more involved in your swing. You need to improve on communication with your teammates during plays.

Performance Rating: Very Good