Games are a time to compare our teams skill against another team. Games are not a time to develop your skills.

  1. Be on the field ready to begin pre-game warm-ups 1 hour before the scheduled starting time.  e.g., pre-game warm-ups will start at 5:00 p.m. for a scheduled 6:00 p.m. game. Ready To Begin:
  2. Hustle in and out of the dugout between inning.
  3. If you are a substitute you must stay mentally into the game.
  4. Let the coaches complain about the umpires calls.
  5. Stay in the dugout. You may only leave the dugout with the permission of a coach.
  6. No food is allowed in the dugout.
  7. The only acceptable attitude is a positive one.
  8. No coaching from the stands. Only positive comments will be made to players. Both Sides.
  9. If you are injured or feel ill, let your coach know so a substitute player can be put in.
  10. Parents are encouraged to help prepare the field before games and help put bases and equipment away following a game.
  11. Following the end of the game, help clear all the equipment from the dugout. A short Coach/Player meeting will be held following every game.