Team Parent(s):

Due to financial constraints we will not be able to purchase all the desired equipment for your softball player. We would ask that you furnish your softball player the following optional equipment:

Bat Bag: Easton (Color: Red) - Caplins Sporting Good - Down Town Portland

Shoes: Ringor - "The Dominator" (Color: Red) - 6024 SW Jean Rd. Lake Oswego, OR

Sliding Shorts: Trace - "Sliding Shorts Model 70000" (Color Red)

Sliding Pads: Trace - "Extra-Long Knee-Guard Model 47000" (Color Red)

We would strongly encourage you purchase the uniform element (shoes, sliding shorts and pads) so that we look like members of the same team. Looks like a great Christmas gift ideas to me!

We will be ordering uniform very soon, so if you have not given (parent name) size information for your softball player, please do so (Phone # ). Also, if you would like to buy a sweat shirt (approximately $20) or jacket (approximately $70) for yourself or your player, let (parent) know soon. We will be ordering Jackets on December 1.

Our team fund-raisers will begin in December. Please be ready to help with your participation! We will be calling you for help when have firm dates for the fund-raises.

Practice Update

Sorry for the misunderstanding at the first practice! The meeting was between players and Coaches only. We have attached a practice schedule. We will issue a practice agenda at every practice. Ask your player to discuss what she has learned during the practice.

I am happy to report that the practice atmosphere is MUCH better than last year. The young ladies are all working hard and appear committed to learning skills to improve their game. We would encourage you to attend the practices and watch how hard your daughter is working. I am very excited with what I have seen so far. Make sure your daughter brings her notebook to every indoor practice. We have started sliding practice, so make sure your daughter brings an extra pair of thick socks and old pants to every practice.

We would also like to acknowledge the parents this year. Every parent I have talked to appears to be excited. A special thank you to (parent name)  for helping the team secure a practice gym and (parent name) for her efforts with (sponsor name).

Your player has been given drills to work on at home - has she been working on them?

(coach name) is working with the pitchers again this year. He has the task of narrowing the pitching staff down to three. From the efforts I have seen at pitching practice on Sunday nights, he has a difficult decision to make. Just a side note: If your daughter does not make the pitching staff this year, don't let her give up on pitching! I would encourage you to have your daughter continue to work on her pitching skills for next year. At this age the girls will develop at different rates.

Our next parents meeting will be on ---, at --- pm at the (parent name) home (address).  Please feel free to ask any questions you may have at this meeting or give (parent name) a call.

Happy Holidays