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This is from a request of Stacey Lang, in Marietta, Ohio, as well as some other people around the country. I will elaborate as soon as I have time.

The first year into their career of corse, is PLEASE just throw a strike.

Then it is high in the zone, low in the zone, KEEP IT OUT OF THE MIDDLE, and remembering/cataloging what the batter missed or hit. Knowing that if you are ahead in the count, throw one over the strike zone, trying to get them to fish for it. (Waste Pitch).

Remember that softball/baseball is a game of percentages, and you are making a calculated guess that the odds are in your favor. Sometimes you will miss guess. Oh well, but by the time the end of the season rolls around you should have a pretty good map, either in your head, or on paper, of each batters strengths and weaknesses. See the pitching chart . The chart is good for analyzing pitches and hitting, for both teams. I also have and use, a batters spray chart .

1. Throwing to a weekness.

If a girl looks bad on a high, or a low pitch she has shown you a weakness.

If a girl looks good on a high, or a low pitch she has shown you a strength, and the weakness is usually at the other end

If a coach yells out before she has taken a swing, "Lay off of the high ones, he has told you about her weakness. Or he might use key words like "use discipline," etc.

Usually if a girl is weak high she will probably be strong at the other end, low. And conversley, if a girl is strong high she will probably be week at the other end, low.

If a girl hits a high pitch hard. Especially out of the strike zone she has demonstrated that she has a strength high, and usually her weakness is at the other end. And visa versa.

If a girl holds the barrel of the bat perpendicular to the ground (high), her hands have to change directions to hit a ball at the top of the strike zone. The reason her bat is high, is probably because someone told her to get the back elbow up. The first motion she takes with her arms is back elbow forward, dragging the barrel of the bat down, and sometimes below the shoulder. Rule of thumb, bat high throw them high.

If the girl holds her bat parallel to the ground (low), her hands are in a straight line to hit the higher pitches and, will usually have less luck hitting the lower pitch because she has to change hand direction to make contact. Bat low throw them low.

Inside and outside

Only after the pitcher has become more proficient would I worry about inside and outside.

Inside on slow bat speed, or inside on the hands with heat, after a change up.

Low and outside on a batter that bails out, or if you have never seen a batter before.

Low and away from a slapper.

If a girl has a reputation of pulling the ball, throw her inside with a little off of the normal speed. After she rips two balls foul, and is feeling confident, throw a change on the outside of the plate.

Watch a girl when she is playing another team and try to find a weakness, remembering that the differences in pitching styles, offer different strengths. Just because the team can hit a drop doesn't necessarily mean they can hit your pitchers drop.

I hope that this little bit helps. If you want more detail write, and I can elaborate.