Throwing Recognition Guide
Position #1 Position #3 Position #4 Position #5
First off understand there is limited time and knowledgeable staff connected with most teams. Therefore to simplify things it may be better suited for your program to teach everyone to throw like an outfielder. On the same note, it may suit your program better as well to teach everyone to cover a base like a first baseman as well. As the team and coaching staff matures in their softball knowledge, covering the throw of a catcher, strong side infielder throw, and short infield throw can be implemented.

In the beginning of the learning process there are 5 positions I use as a reference. At the first of the season we go through all of the positions and hold it so they can familiarize themselves with each one of the 5 positions. Doing each position, 1 through 5, quickly will resemble the throwing motion.

Remind them as they improve, to throw the ball elbow from position #2 forward to position #3 and let the forearm flop forward to release the ball at position #4. Don’t forget to go to #5.

I seem to have more luck exagerating the motion so in #2 and #3 I have them put the ball and hand in a some what incorrect position by the ear.  This helps them get the feel of transfering the elbow from pointing back to pointing forward, which generates force to sling the forearm and ball out.

Getting a will keep the hand out in a more correct position and for a reason unknown to me it helps keep the elbow up.

You should always watch your girls warming up. Teach them by reminding them of what they need to do after you tell them that they didn't go to one of the positions.

If their elbow is too low through the motion, hang something for them to touch as they throw the ball. Have them stand under a tree and brush a leaf near the release point.